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Wildwood Kin – Turning Tides – Album Review

August 17, 2017

Wildwood Kin came together four years ago while in their mid to late teens. Formed of guitarist Emillie Key, her bouzouki/keyboard-playing sister Beth and their drumming cousin Meghann Loneyall, it’s a family affair for this folk trio.

They present their eleven track debut album titled ‘Turning Tides’ on which they play on each track, swapping leads on songs they penned themselves. The end product is a mix of rock, blues and their folk roots reminiscent of artists such as Mumford & Sons, Fleetwood Mac and The Lumineers – all backed up by their spine tinging harmonies that is now their trademark. Producer Jamie Evans took the girls out of their comfort zone, stepping away from their roots in the process.

Listening to the record tracks such as ‘Dove’ and ‘Circumstance’ are instantly inviting. The former is a beautifully crafted bewitching work of art. There’s some instant mainstream material here with uptempo numbers such as ‘Run’ ‘Warrior Daughter’ and ‘Taking A Hold’ all of which are oozing with rock vibes that would go down a storm on the radio. A re-worked version of ‘The Valley’ finds its way onto the record and makes the perfect penultimate track. This sweet number appeared on the trio’s ‘Salt Of The Earth’ EP but has been re-produced to fit in line with the rest of the record. Despite this it remains just as beautiful and is my favourite track from the bunch.  At just over five minutes long, title track ‘Turning Tides’ closes the album in a dreamy pop way although it progresses and leads into a rather eerie outro, which leaves me wondering what next? I guess I’ll have to wait until the next album to find out.

From hearing the album in its entirety it’s clear the young ladies that make up Wildwood Kin are extremely talented writers, vocalists and instrumentalists. Turning Tides is so well put together it’s hard to believe this is a debut record.  It’s also quite possibly my favourite album released so far this year.


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