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Megan Davies – Live At London’s Bush Hall

May 16, 2017

Growing up in Pennsylvania Megan Davies moved to Nashville to attend Belmont University, where she studied songwriting and classical guitar. Whilst balancing a full time job with her studies, she began uploading videos of acoustic covers and mashups to Youtube, collaborating with her sister, Jaclyn and her fellow artist friends. She now has over 920 thousand subscribers to her channel, but perhaps her biggest achievement to date is her mashup of “See You Again/Love Me Like You Do/Sugar” which reached the number one spot on the US and global Spotify viral 50 charts, exposing her to global markets.

Hey guys, how’s it going” Megan beamed as she casually walked on stage and introduced herself to a packed out Bush Hall. She was wearing an equally casual outfit of jeans and a t-shift, finished off with a hat. Opening up for Glee star and friend, Noah Guthrie, Davies played a nine song set (of which eight were originals). It was first time she’d ever performed in the UK, although you wouldn’t think it as she oozed with confidence, acting as though the 150 people sitting in front of her were lifelong friends.

Before finishing the final note of opening track, ‘Walk Away’ Davies had me hooked, with both her talent for singing, guitar playing and songwriting. Sitting at the back of the hall, I felt her guitar drowned out the vocals at some points throughout the set, but it was a technical issue, and therefore out of Megan’s control.

One of the early highlights which was inspired by the movie, Perks Of Being A Wildflower, was ballad ‘Infinite (Something Loud)’. It explores the feelings of being young and in the moment to the extent where it feels like the moment will never end. Feeling comfortable enough to try out a song she’d never played live before, we were treated to ‘Black And White’. Speaking about the track she explained it was about seeing all her friends get married and settle down, while she travels the world. It details her hopes that she too, will settle down one day. As she is well known for her mashups, it wouldn’t be right not having one on the setlist. Opting for ‘See You Again/Sugar/Love Me Like You Do’ (Wiz Khalifa/Maroon 5/Ellie Goulding) Megan single handily made what is a three person song sound so effortless, and judging by the round of applause she received afterwards, the audience agreed.

With just herself and her guitar she proved that simplicity can be just as effective, proving there’s no need for a band, or massive production at some live shows. She confirmed an album is in the works, and it will be released sometime in the near future. I’m curious to see if she chooses the pop country route, right now it seems like the perfect fit, as all of her songs clearly tell stories, something which country music is all about. Only time will tell though. Megan is a star on the rise, and I’m confident she’ll be paying many more visits to our shores in the future.

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