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Jeannine Barry – Bittersweet EP

May 16, 2017

Now country music is being taken more seriously on our shores there’s a number of artists coming out of the woodwork. Some however have been perfecting their craft for a number of years now, and this young lady has been doing exactly that.

Knowing music was her passion from an early age, London based singer/songwriter Jeannine Barry has spent several years building up her fanbase under the guidance of artists in Nashville. Having two EP releases and a string of shows under her belt including numerous performances at C2C, Jeannine recently treated fans to some new music on her latest EP ‘Bittersweet

Despite her music being labelled as country she mixes it up into a style that’s truly her own. Embracing the sounds of pop, country and rock. Her debut EP ‘Give Me Something’ was released in 2013 and showcased her as a pop artist with a country twist. 2015’s ‘Off The Hook’ showed off her rocky side, and latest offering ‘Bittersweet’ is filled with vulnerable, mellow sounding tracks, sung with Barry’s powerful vocals. Proving just how versatile she is.
Opening track ‘Bittersweet’ was written alongside Robbie Cavanagh. It has a bluesy feel to it with Jeannine’s vocals drawing you in from the start. Here she sings about how being with someone is bittersweet because both parties know they are incompatible. ‘Burning Bridges is more gentle than the former, and I feel it’s here where we really get to hear her vocals shine. She knows exactly how to portray emotion and this one is definitely the stand out track for me.

The third track ‘Shake You Off’ is about as up-tempo as this EP is going to get. I love the guitar riff in the opening of this catchy tune. It was written with Lisa Wright and would go down very well in a live setting. Taking things in completely the opposite direction, the haunting ‘Holding On‘ is the final track. With opening line ‘driving down the darkest road, turning over every stone’ sung over a backdrop of eerie music, it almost makes you wonder if you’re the one driving on that dark road in the dead of night. It rounds off the record quite well and I’m left wondering what we’ll get to hear next.

Overall the EP is a pleasant listening experience and if I got the chance to see this young lady live, I would. But after three EPs there’s only one question, when can we expect a full length album?

Bittersweet – EP by Jeannine Barry

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