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Gwen Sebastian – Cadillac

August 28, 2017

A former contestant on The Voice now backing vocalist for Miranda Lambert, Flying Island artist Gwen Sebastian has been on the circuit for some time. She’s earned herself writing credits on three tracks for Miranda’s Weight Of These Wings album alongside featuring on duet ‘My Eyes’ with former Voice mentor Blake Shelton – as well as releasing four studio albums of her own. Her latest track ‘Cadillac’ was written with the help of Lambert and friend April Lewis. The song was born on a trip to California and is the lead single from Gwen’s upcoming album Once Upon A Time In The West. which is scheduled for release in November.

I’ve been thinking ’bout a cadillac/tear-drop trailer hitched on the back she sings on the tracks opening line, which is backed simply by a piano. The instrumentation builds as the song progresses and lyrics such as I’ve been thinking about a crystal palace/A thousand miles from the likes of Dallas and I’ve been pondering about a town I can wander in paints a a picture of wanderlust. Sebastian’s vocals are strong here and despite her being on the scene for a while, I feel ‘Cadillac’ is the song that will put her firmly on the map, it has already reached #1 on iTunes in the singer/songwriter chart after all. 

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